Posted by: Linda (Odineca) Calabria | October 18, 2010

Russo’s! Watertown, MA

I had heard about Russo’s for about a year now but until yesterday had no idea where it was. I had heard great things about this market but I was not prepared for all of the amazingness that welcomed us when we finally found this lovely gem hidden in a quiet part of Watertown.

If you are looking for fresh fruit, fresh cheese, lots of different mushrooms and peppers, as well as dessert and prepared foods then you have to check out Russo’s. Everything is reasonably priced but I urge you to NOT go there on a weekend day as the place will be mobbed with people.  Check it out during a weekday, if possible, or early in the day on the weekends.

Words cannot describe the variety of produce so here are some photos:

Posted by: Linda (Odineca) Calabria | September 28, 2010

Fall Activity-Apple Picking and Wine!

Recently, myself, a friend and my boyfriend headed over to Nashoba Valley Winery. All I knew about the area was that there was a ski resort around there somewhere.  So I just assumed that the winery was at the bottom of the hill.  Well I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We arrived and saw that not only was it a winery but also a great place to pick some Macintosh and Gala apples!

But come on, first things first, we headed over and had ourselves a wine tasting.  For $4 you get a chance to taste five different wines, or if you have a favorite already then use all five tickets and fill up your glass, which is what we opted to do the second time around.  Our pourer, Pat, was great.  She made wonderful suggestions and we all walked away with a favorite wine.

We decided to pick some apples before having a picnic on the lawn.  Unfortunately, we were too late for peaches but the apples we did get made for some great apple strudel and dutch torte!

We went back indoors, tried some more wine and picked a favorite so we could get three pours to have for our lunch, with the remaining tickets.

What were some of the faves?  Well:
For white we have the the Vignoles and Riesling.
For red we had the Renaissance.
For cognac, you MUST try the Northern Comfort.  Imagine yourself sipping it by a fire or pouring it over some vanilla ice cream.

Until the next review!

Posted by: Linda (Odineca) Calabria | August 31, 2010

Boston 13.1

Oh man!  A couple of months ago I got talked into signing up for the Inaugural 13.1 in Boston.  After months of not having run a distance longer than 5 miles I was a little skeptical about my being able to run the full course.  What I didn’t know was that the 13.1 miles wasn’t what was going to do me in.

We showed up at the field where the post race festivities would take place, it was 6am in the morning.  As the 4,100 runners lined up we were beginning to realize why the race began so early, the heat was beginning to creep in.

By mile 3 I began seeing all the hills up ahead and by mile 7 I had had about enough.  What we didn’t know was that the next 6.1 would be just as tough.  The hills didn’t end until the finish line…but, I finished!  And I could not have been happier!

One word of advice for those who may be organizing this even next year…please don’t run out of water cups.  I’m not a water drinker but it was pretty sad to see those that were dying for a little hydration realize that they either had to do without or take a swig from the communal gallons of water.  Otherwise, I look forward to next years race!

Until the next review!

Posted by: Linda (Odineca) Calabria | August 24, 2010

Here come the dinosaurs! New York City, NY

During a recent trip to New York City the boyfriend suggested we stop in at the American Museum of Natural History, I hadn’t been there in years, possibly a decade.  We stood in the fast moving line and offered to pay the “suggested price” of $16. However, I had my student ID and squeezed in for $12!  If you’re looking for an even better bargain, come by after 4:30, when admission is free.  The museum closes at 5:45.

My favorite exhibits were the dinosaurs, mammals and the dioramas.  I was sad that we didn’t get to see the giant whale as security was ushering us out.  What I learned is that, you must devote at least 2 hours to this museum, and even then, plan your trip before you get there.

I highly suggest bringing your kids along on this wonderful excursion.  Kids 2-12 can enter for $9!


Posted by: Linda (Odineca) Calabria | August 24, 2010

Art Bar. Cambridge, MA

Hello readers!  It’s been a while.  I apologize for my absence but I began putting all my efforts into my main blog, Musings of an Unemployed MBA Grad.  Take a look there for tips how to spend free time and for tips in regards to all things job search related.

Well, I digress.  Recently a few of us girls got together for our monthly Girls Night Out.  We decided we’d meet up by the Charles River for some yoga and then head over to Art Bar in Cambridge.  I had always been curious about this place but was never able to stop in, as I was always jogging past it.

After a wonderful yoga session with Marta Minnetyan we headed over to Art Bar with our mats in hand.  We were worried we might get turned away, since we were in shorts and basic t’s, but luckily no one even batted an eye. We were seated outdoors on the patio overlooking the Charles.  After being offered some complimentary water and delicious bread we all dived into the drink menu and ordered some fancy drinks.  Once I saw that they had caipirinha’s I had to order one, if for no other reason than to reminisce about my great trip to Brazil. The drink was everything I had hoped for and made my fantastic ceasar salad that much more enjoyable.

$20 later, I can’t wait to head back to Art Bar and try out another quick meal.


Posted by: Linda (Odineca) Calabria | June 4, 2010

Skip Skipping to The Skipper. S. Yarmouth, MA

This past weekend was spent on the cape in honor of Memorial Day.  We could not have asked for better weather and spent a lot of our time outdoors.  Before a big barbecue a few of us decided to walk down to the beach and on our way back had planned on stopping at The Skipper.  I was pretty excited to check this place out as we had walked by it a number of times.

We sat down and ordered some daiquiris which were delicious.  My friend wanted something along the lines of a Bellini cocktail but unfortunately the waiter wasn’t sure what a Bellini was nor what they could make as a substitute.  We then ordered some buffalo wings and fried clams.  I wasn’t in hate with the buffalo wings but my friends said that wings which are breaded then dipped in buffalo sauce never come out good.  As for fried clams…it was my first experience with them and unfortunately we got mostly bellies which means when you bite into them you see what’s inside…not exactly the way I wanted my first experience to go.

Overall, I did like the location, my daiquiri and would be curious how something less complicated would come out as I’ve also heard good reviews.  I guess we just didn’t luck out.

Until the next review!

Posted by: Linda (Odineca) Calabria | May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Drinks. South Boston, MA

Yesterday I met up with some groups for our monthly girls night out networking night.  As my friend describes it, it’s a group for smart women who meet up once a month an explore a new location and chat about life and work.  Yesterday we went to Drink in the South End.  I don’t think I would have ever been able to find this place as there is no sign on the outside of the building, you just have to rely on the Valet guy next door.

At Drink you shouldn’t order your regular drink of choice. Tell the bartender your alcohol of choice and what flavors you like and leave the rest up to them.

We also ordered a cheese plate but what constantly kept my interest was the french fries.  Everyone seemed to be ordering them and the wonderful smell was engulfing the small bar area.

As the night went on I found out that the woman who opened this bar is also the master mind behind No.9 Park among other bars around town.  Check out Drink and have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!

Until the next review!

Posted by: Linda (Odineca) Calabria | May 25, 2010

You Can Never Go Wrong with Lobster. Rockport, MA

This past weekend my parents were in town for my graduation from graduate school.  When they used to live here we would make frequent trips to Cape Ann.  Gloucester and Stage Fort Park was for grilling and Rockport was for strolling around.  With the weather being far nicer than that in San Francisco, where my parents flew in from, we decided that a day trip to Rockport was the way to go.

We parked where we always do, a little further from downtown, and took a walk to the beach.  It was nearing noon and we decided that we couldn’t leave without stopping in our favorite lobster place.  You can’t miss it as there is always a local or someone who is simply people watching sitting out front.  Just walk the main street and you’ll find Roy Moore’s lobster shop on your right.

Roy Moore’s has been around for decades and is known for its fresh seafood and primarily lobster.  Feel free to bring a beer and crack it on their back porch which overlooks the water but don’t feed the seagulls down below!

Until the next review!

Posted by: Linda (Odineca) Calabria | May 14, 2010

New Balance in the ‘hood. Brighton, MA

This past weekend I ran my second half marathon, the Harvard Pilgrim’s Big Lake 1/2 in NH to be exact.  As it turned out…the weather was not cooperative and it rained the whole time.  The one thing I was extremely grateful for was that I had gone to watch the Boston marathon and picked up a free New Balance cap.  This cap not only kept my head somewhat dry but it also helped me get through the tough hills.  All I could see was pavement which didn’t psych me out as much as  seeing every single rolling hill.

This week I also happened to be in the Brighton area where New Balance is located, on Guest Street.  I was always scared to go down that street as I thought it was just a dead end street on which WGBH and New Balance had their headquarters on.  Well…I finally drove down Guest street and realized that one street over is the New Balance Factory Outlet store!

Having beat my running shoes to death in preparation for my last 1/2 marathon I decided to check out the store and see what I could find.  Currently there is a 20% off women’s footwear and apparel promotion going on and you can very easily pick up some great New Balance tee’s for $5!  Needless to say, I am very happy that I have discovered this jewel so close to me.  Go and check out the store and I guess the lesson here is, never be afraid to check out new streets in your neighborhood!

Until the next review!

Posted by: Linda (Odineca) Calabria | May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo on the Border. Cambridge, MA

It’s Cinco de Mayo, folks!  After seven hours of retail I decided one way or another I was going to celebrate this fun holiday.  I knew that regardless I would be celebrating on my own but the wonderful weather outdoors was begging me to enjoy the sun.  I thought about going into Boston but ended up in Harvard Square because that is where Border Cafe is!

After a couple of loops I found a spot along Mount Auburn and walked over to the restaurant.  I saw a seat outside and figured that, although I had assumed it would be packed and I would just sit by the bar inside, I had nothing to lose by asking if the table was open.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I was walked outside right away.

With the sun shining in my face I immediately felt OK with having spent the majority of the day indoors.  I ordered a strawberry margarita, got the complimentary nachos and salsa and a house salad.  The whole bill came to a little over $11!  All in all I had a wonderful time people watching and feeling bad for those who were now forming a huge line by the door.

I can’t believe how much I lucked out with my timing!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Until the next review!

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